Tuesday, 17 May 2011


Welcome to the beginning of re-. Issue one has made it safely into this world. She is healthy and happy and can't wait to meet you! I'm so excited to see how she will grow up and evolve. Issue one is named re-enactment and attempts to re-enact scenes that I have seen, or thought or felt. I will place more images here soon. If you would like to hold your own little re- you can order her at publication.re@gmail.com for ten dollars. x c

Here is page one for you to read.

mum and dad never encouraged television watching. a strict timetable for spending time with it was always in place. as much as that made me want to watch even more i have grown up completely un-reliant on it and any hour spent with it now makes me feel strange. some kind of blend of guilt and hollow. i thought this was a feeling very much shared with my parents. it wasn’t until my two sisters and i left home was i to learn the truth. devoid of drama, comedy and crime mum and dad the biggest, flattest, loudest television they could find and fell head over heels onto the couch.

i scoffed. snobby in my righteous ways i shared my outrage to their muted ears. when i came to visit i vowed to read my book with my back to the screen with a pillow on my head. i’d remind them what is the most important and moral way of spending time and convert them back to the crisp pages of a novel or a hearty conversation about spiritually enlightening and world changing topics. i’d show them.
maybe the pillow was too thin and maybe this and maybe that but next thing i knew i was absorbing the static like a young child’s hair on a trampoline. 

it is to that television i would like to dedicate the first issue of re-. it was in one of those moments when the electricity was surging through the room, through my eyes through my veins that i found an odd and slightly overwhelming fascination with re- enactment scenes.
high in drama, low in budget these mysterious scenes try to help the unimaginative viewers to really see it how it was. how it probably never was but how it is now. try to relive these often desolate moments and act it out as if we were there.

we make pretend that we were there. bad actors over exaggerating, limbs flinging, dark shadows, obscured cameras shaking, cold and shivering, daggers flying, screams tearing holes in anguished onlooking lovers, hands holding sweat dripping flashlight searching moment losing, shoe grip grating heavy breathing panting, sea swell growing children skipping slow motion crawling…

it is with this strange and slight obsession in mind that re- is born. of course i quickly moved on from my desire to become a television re-enactment actor, but within these pages i have captured moments of small but sure importance and re-enacted them to share with you. unlike the high drama seen on the screen, these moments were little nothings that somehow managed to attach themselves to me pinning a smile to my lips now to be re created and regurgitated for you to remember.

regards. caro  x