Wednesday, 24 October 2012


Re- issue three is a raging hot babe and is almost ready to show her new skin. She is honest and sincere. She is wrapped up and exposed. She is wearing her heart on her sleeve. We have been busy guiding her through this rocky landscape that is relationships. And we have all learnt a lot. Soon we would love to share our findings with you. Planning an intimate release party to be held at Café Rosamond, on the 9th of November so keep the night free to come down and have a good old perve, and a wine or two. More details for the night will be coming your way.

Sunday, 7 October 2012


We are currently in the process of scattering these six words that we have attached to paper messages. They make up the six core elements of a successful relationship... apparently. A story and a share. We give you an element, and you give us back your word response. Short and sharp or deep and meaningful. However, whichever. Look out for the small square fliers, and if you see one, it is destiny calling to you so don’t ignore her. Or if she’s being a snob or if you want to create your own destiny, email us at: to join this investigation virtually.

Thursday, 6 September 2012


We are now working on issue 03 which so far has guts and bravado. RELATIONSHIPS. Here we come. We all have them, hold them, hate them, love them, snob them, stalk them. They are there like ropes holding us to each other. They connect us to inanimate and animate objects, and our day cannot pass without tripping over them. We are ready to tackle the gutsy and often greasy subject of relationships. Having a good old perve at their intricacies, and complexities, we look to reveal some stripped back insights into the relationships people have and have had. 

Love and lust, guts and greed, pain and bed stains.

Caro + Sarah

Thursday, 30 August 2012


Thanks everybody who came to celebrate in the confetti carpet. We had a great time! Issue 02 Reminiscence is still available for purchase through us or the lovely stockists who hold her. They are Motto Distribution, Cafe Rosamond, Sticky Institute, Perimeter Books, Pearl Oyster Espresso, with more to come x

Friday, 6 July 2012


Friday, July 13, 2012

If you live in Melbourne put yourself on the 112 tram and head north, jumping off at stop 37. You will find that you have traveled back in time to where your memories sleep a.k.a Pearl Oyster Espresso. This is where we will celebrate the completion of Re- 02! Issue two is about reminiscence you see, so we thought it fitting to have a party that will be remembered. Nostalgic treats, live music, dj's and all the trimmings. Bring your pocket money for the $4 beer, cider, red wine and tasty Japanese golden curry that will be on offer. Much better than candy floss and cola, right? And your copy of Re- 02 will be waiting for you to take home for $12 also. 

Music from

If you don't live in Melbourne but would also like a copy, we can post it directly to your door and we won't worry about postal charges.

Sunday, 1 July 2012


Re- issue 02 has arrived! Plans are in the pipeline for what's shaping up to be a pretty special launch party, details of where and when to come. Copies of re- issue 02 will be available to purchase at the launch plus we'll let you know what shelves you can find them on later this month. If you live near or far we can also post you your very own copy, email us at: x

Wednesday, 23 May 2012


We have brushed out the tangles in her hair. Now in the final stages of pre press, eager and almost. Issue two, like a Petri dish, a medium for growth, culturing memory like small pieces of moss. The unaware and the aware have contributed memory seeds, helping us cultivate a memory field of yellow rocket yesterdays and winter cress hues. There is nothing quite like the comfort of nostalgia. Wrapped tight around your shoulders, like a musty hug from Great Auntie Ollie.


Wednesday, 21 March 2012

far far away but so close

Life snatches me right up and manages to distract me from my collections of itself. 
So excuse me please and back to the track that we will cautiously continue to commence. Re- two has a shape and a heart and she is just building limbs so she can carry herself to you. Her name is re-miniscence and she has the future the past and the today wrapped up in her locks. Thank you for patience and soon she will introduce herself. She seems to be a bit shy.